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One Pen; One Woman - A True Story

Recently a business woman named Carol, the owner of a small but growing commercial photography agency, came to us with a dilemma. While business was good, she instinctively felt that her photographers were getting lost in the shuffle. The art buyers and art directors who were the backbone of her business were calling for her photographers portfolios but she suspected there was something missing in her overall presentation.

She knew her roster of six photographers did superlative work, but neither she nor her "shooters" were happy with the overall closure rate after her presentations had been made. Having related her story to us we devised a very simple, yet creative, plan to help Carol both close on her sales calls and generate better response to her direct mail efforts.

Taking into account that her audience was a rather artsy bunch, we searched for a product that would strike a chord with their sensibilities. Since Carol had a lean budget we also needed to be very cost conscious. Our objectives were defined as follows; create a product to use as a "leave behind" and one that could be part of a direct mail campaign, make it trendy and artsy enough to create some fun on the receiving end and let it accommodate both the name of the repping agency as well as their charge of six photographers.

What we opted for was a Memphis inspired ball point pen. The pen had a clear window that let you view an integral inner barrel that when the pen was "clicked" rotated in discrete increments. On this inner barrel we put all of Carols photographers as well as her businesses phone and fax numbers. We designed a very clean logo for the outside of the pen barrel with the businesses name and had our factory produce them in less than 2 weeks.

Well, from the moment the first pens got into her art buyers hands, Carols business has really seen some wonderful response. Whether given as a small token of appreciation after a meeting or used as a mailing piece, these pens have truly done a big job. Carol has related some wonderful stories about the industry buzz her pens are creating. Of course, it's Carols talented roster of photographers that is generating the business, but it's the simple inclusion of the pens that's reminding the art buyers and art directors who to call in for their next project. Carol found a very appreciative audience for her promotional product. By tailoring the product to her target audiences taste and by providing an attractive, unique and practical gift, her recipients now had a hook to associate the photographs they were reviewing with -- those very kewl pens really do the trick.

The moral of our true story? Sometimes your marketing efforts fall short of expectations simply because you forgot one little thing -- call us at the number below -- we carry thousands of little things. At least one that will be just perfect for you!


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