Last year over $12 billion dollars worth of promotional products were sold in the United States, but what companies were buying was not simply promotional products. What they wanted were the tangible results that the right products can generate. Results that gave them; increased revenue, foot traffic, booth traffic, motivated employees, raised funds, generated sales leads, better shelf space, better customer relations, larger bottom lines, increased industry visibility, positive public relations, and more.

Promotional products comprise a growing industry you may not know even existed, yet you have been surrounded by it most, if not all,of your life. Look over your desk -- see anything with a logo on it? Check out those pens or pencils. How about that mouse pad? Your calendar? A calculator from that magazine subscription?


Chances are you'll find several items that you've been given with a logo or slogan on it. And at home you likely have more than one T-shirt, key tag or refrigerator magnet reminding you of someone's business. All of these things are promotional products. All of these products, and more, are available through us today. The promotional products industry has shown consistent growth--year after year--precisely because these products, from the entry level pen to the many thousands of dollars jewelry items, work and work well!

Promotional products may be used as good will generators or left behind after a sales call, they make for wonderful reminders of a great meeting. At your trade show, hot promotional products draw buyers like moths to a flame. Your direct mailing piece is much more effective when that special magnet you used ends up on a nearby filing cabinet. Your custom printed logo T-shirts give years of yeoman's service and we can even help you generate add on sales with dealer loaders and self-liquidators. Don't let any special event you host or attend pass by without a keepsake or reminder.


Promotional products should be a significant part of your overall sales,advertising and marketing strategies and D3 Design Group is your first, last, and best resource for products that promote at prices that will make you smile. Call us today.

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