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Essential to any form of advertising is the need for multiple paid impressions. Whether your advertising budget is being spent on newsprint, magazine or television, you're spending a lot of that budget repeating the same ads over and over again. It takes time and consistency for your audience to fully absorb your message and recognize your advertisement.

One excellent way to reinforce your advertising is with promotional products. Promotional products are like full time pitch men; day after day, week after week, your premium, in your customers hands, on their desks, or in their homes, is sending out a subtle yet persuasive message. Because your audience is receiving a tangible product, a properly coordinated and manufactured promotional product will generate months, and often years of positive good will.

With perceived values often many times actual cost, our products give you the edge you've been looking for. For hard or soft sells, for cost effective ways of saying "Thank You", for products that reflect positively on your companies carefully cultivated image, we are a vital tool in your sales, marketing and advertising arsenal. Call us today to find out how we can assist you in your efforts.



D3 Design Group is a company with a diverse background and a unique ability to deliver the right products at the right prices. We have invested heavily in technology that affords us the ability to do the kinds of product research our customers truly love and our competitors cannot match. With our in-house design center, we can provide you with stunning graphics to compliment your product choices. Our quotes are the talk of the industry, for not only do we have exceptionally low prices, but we also offer services no one else can match. To find out more about them, just give us a call or send us a fax with your requirements.

Our client roster runs the gamut from high technology companies and pharmaceutical giants to Universities and all manner of businesses and organizations in between. Whether you need 10 name badges for a trade show or 10 million removable Tattoo's for an in-pack promotion, we can handle your needs.

We are delighted to research specific items, or given just a theme or application we can recommend appropriate products.


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