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Just because your current promotional products company is still mired in the 70s doesn't mean you have to suffer through the same boring, TIRED old stuff. Don't misunderstand - It's not that we don't believe in the tried and true traditional promotional vehicles, it's just that frankly, we are so much better (faster, smarter, cheaper) at it!

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For those of us who have to walk the miles of aisles of trade shows year in and year out, a well designed booth is like an oasis in a sea of sand. Today's exhibits are often gargantuan in size and scale, but Trade Shows are often your most vital link to old and new customers alike.

Years ago we did some work for a cagey fellow who had made his first fortune in retailing. One of the precious jewels of information he imparted to us was to make sure that your customers last moment in your shop was as sublimely pleasant as possible. To that end this gentlemen had the nicest collection of cashiers we had ever run across. Always friendly, always smiling, and always willing to go that extra mile for the customer.

That same philosophy will serve your business well when your staff is working the show. You can spend a fortune on multi-media, virtual reality, neon glowing, leather chairing, exhibit space but if your staff is not friendly, helpful, warm and personable you might as well break out the bridge table and chairs.

One final thought - just like those souvenirs bought at your favorite vacation venues, keepsakes, and mementos are a predictable part of the human experience. Our desire to have a touchstone to remind us of enjoyable moments is as old as time itself. Don't forget that a thoughtful premium, passed to an old or potential customer, is one that might just jangle a phone call and lead to an order. Next time you're planning your exhibit space, feel free to give us a call, not only do we have great products, we also have great prices. Oh and we are very friendly!.


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