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Case History:

n late 2002 we were approached by an aggressive entertainment company that was beginning to make some serious in-roads in the pre-recorded video tape industry. Strong as their sales were, they did not have the marketing muscle, nor the sales force, nor the dollars of their much older and more well established rivals. They needed to make an indelible and consistent impression on the more than 200 video tape distributors that represented their customer base, and they needed to do so without giving up the store.

With a promotional budget that was quite small we devised a custom food gift program that would provide for weekly gifts to all of their distributors. For about fifty cents a person, on average -- not including fulfillment or freight -- we were able to devise a remarkable array of gifts that would really drive home their marketing message without overloading their miniscule budget. The gifts were great because once a week, on a specific day and time every single distributor was going to receive a gift that would have a fun snack and one or more, custom imprinted, promotional products inside. Some weeks we would deliver something like an Igloo brand Ice Chest filled with Hostess Snowballs, another week -- weather permitting -- might be a replica of their most recent video tape made up of solid chocolate! Each week we had something unique and tasty as well as a more permanent promotional product that either wound up on someone's desk or was taken home as a reward or thank you by one of the recipients.

The response to the program was amazing! As testament to that fact consider that today, some six years later, the program continues on. The weekly gifts allow this client to say hello and thank you to their clients and provides a natural vehicle for them to include any collateral marketing or advertising materials. With a small sales force, that would be lucky to make on site visits to even half their clients on a yearly basis, the gifts of food program was a great blend of promotional savvy within a limited budget. A famous American general opined that an army moves on its stomach and so too will that logic apply in the field of business. Feed your clients and they will never forget you!

For creative, cost-effective, tasty, custom food programs consider contacting D3 Design Group at the numbers below. Your promotions will never taste any better.

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